Local dog walks around Peeblesshire

Cademuir Forest 2 hour walks /Cademuir Hill 2- 3 hours

There is a forestry carpark where you can begin any of these walk routes. However, if you do not fancy driving up a forestry track there is space to park at the entrance and walk up from here.

There are lots of different routes you can take from this car park, if you want a less strengous walk continue on the forest road through barrier and this route leads through the forest in a circular walk. Otherwise, take the route to the right of this up the hill and this leads up hill very quickly soon arriving to a crossing of paths, if you carry on straight over and take the route leading upwards then carry on this route for around 30 minutes, you will arrive at the view point looking over to cademuir hill. This is a beautiful view point. If you would like to carry on to Cademuir Hill carry on through the gate to the field (making sure to close the gate as there will be sheep). Follow the path through the grass towards to hill, this can be quite steep but you are rewarded with views over manor valley and towards peebles. Happy Exploring!

Gypsy Glen 1- 2 hour walk /Dun Rig Horseshoe 6 - 8 hour walk

This walk begins from Glen Road, the south east of Peebles, where there is layby parking. Continue straight, ignoring the right turn to Haystoun. This route leads over the burn, crossing a small bridge and then continues up hill. This can be quite a strengous walk so be prepared with a flask of coffee/tea and lots of water to stay hydrated. As you take the steep incline it will take around 30-40 minutes and you arrive at a farm gate, if you want the peebles view point (Gypsy Glen) take the path before the gate round to the right and continue back up a short incline. However, if you want to continue towards the horseshoe circular go through this gate and continue upwards, to note, this circular is 14.5 miles and can easily take 6 - 8 hours so leave early or if you want simply shorten your route and stop at any of the cairn summits on route which are just as amazing and provide the most breathtaking views. We have taken many photos from these different summits and all are beautiful. We have yet to reach Dun Rig Summit and will hopefully spend the day completing this in 2021. Enjoy and be prepared the weather up there changes super quick so take waterproofs and good hiking boots.

Venlaw 1-2 hours

Driving in to Peebles you will see the 'Honda' garage, take the road opposite leading up the hill to park and begin this walk, this is Venlaw. There are different routes you can take from here if you want a forest walk you can see paths leading into the forest however, if you want to contiue up the hill take the road track and keeping following the upward route. This road leads all the way to the view point looking down to the hills surrounding Peebles. There is a small bench with a route leading behind it downwards crossing the fields to take you around in a circular. There is also a route which take you further in to the hills which you will see is marked with a signpost. These walks are fairly straight forward however can be muddy/snowy so be prepared with appropriate footwear. We hope you enjoy exploring all the beautiful routes Venlaw has to offer.

Haylodge / Viaduct / Neidpath Castle

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